Why Invest?

This is an unique opportunity to capitalise on the investment opportunity that exists on the back of German Listed property renovation. Developer operates a proven business model, with transparent process and full security on the investment.

  1. Political Stable
    >  Germany is extremely well regulated from both a legal and banking perspective
    >  Largest economy in Europe with a population of more than 82 million and GDP per capital of $37,479, that is more than 20% than the EU average.
  1. Strong Demand
    > Strong demand for high quality refurbished properties in desirable urban locations.
    > New build activity is limited in Germany.
    > The demand is further influenced by the Government Tax Break for German Property Buyers. The Tax break can enable the German tax payer to claim for the following 12 years as a legitimate deduction from their tax bill
    > More than 50% of Germans live in rented accommodation and it is not uncommon for Tenancy Rental Arrangements to span 10-20 years.
    > Rental yield for the german property around the region of 6%
  1. Tax Advantage
    > The target audience is Germans (appx 10million or 24% of the workforce) who are paying more than 40% of tax
    > German tax law allows their tax payers to depreciate costs for the refurbishing work undertaken on a Monument status building.
    > Listed Building Tax Break is currently the only vehicle for German high rate tax payers to reduce their tax liability.